Choosing the best recruitment professionals to work with can be a challenge. Just like apples, there are so many to pick from and each has its own particular ‘flavour’ and purpose.

So, where do you start?

Begin by thinking of your recruitment consultancy as an extension of your business, look for a partnership with a recruitment company. This allows the recruiter to really dig deep into your needs and requirements, how you work and the type of employee you’re looking for. Working with a recruiter that knows you will save so much time, energy and effort over the years.

Finding your next recruitment consultancy

Here are some things to consider when finding your next search consultancy:

What are their areas of expertise?

This may seem obvious, but a recruiter should know your industry inside and out. I work with clients across financial services, retail, construction, travel, and technology as a change and transformation talent specialist. I can deliver great candidates in this area for my clients. Whoever you choose should have that deep knowledge needed to find the right people for you.

Do they have memberships?

Recruitment consultancies that are members of professional associations and linked with regional and national programmes should make the top of your list. Companies that invest in their teams and qualifications mean business. They are here to ensure quality service and recruitment. For example, Maru Search and Consultancy is part of the recruitment entrepreneur programme TIMESTWO Investments, and is partnered with The HR World. We are also affiliate members of APSCo and the CBI.

What does their presence look like?

Their online and offline presence can tell you a lot about who they are and how they operate. Busy newsfeeds mean they’re more likely to have engaged followers and access to lots of potential candidates. Check the type of content that they share as it should be interesting to an audience. Avoid anything that looks spammy. Review who is following them and commenting on their posts. Read any reviews of their service, how recent are they and who has left them?

Do they fit and understand your culture?

This is really important to check because recruitment agencies are often the first point of contact between you and the candidate. The candidate will consider the recruiter an extension of you. How do they talk and engage with candidates? Are they friendly and personable? Are they really listening to what the candidate is saying?

Tips to check if a recruitment consultancy is right for you

Once you’ve found a recruitment consultancy that ticks all the boxes for you, run a trial with them. A long-term partnership is the end goal here so you can get the best out of them. The ideal scenario is a clear and smooth path from writing the job description to the hiring and onboarding of your new recruit.

  • Do the recruiters regularly update you?
  • Do you know exactly what the process is?
  • Do you have to chase them for information?
  • Are they easy to get hold of?
  • Do they email you with key information?

A great recruitment consultancy will ensure you have all the information you need and are fully informed of the progress being made. A bad recruiter will impact you and the candidates, and your reputation could be at stake.

Get the right recruitment consultancy in place

Businesses are a critical aspect of working life, and as a result, expectations from candidates have changed. Employees want more from their employers. They seek purpose, value, wellbeing, security, and company culture will only permeate the entire organisation if employees live and breathe it every day.

Partnering with the right recruitment consultancy can make a big difference to the quality of your hires – and your whole workplace. Book your strategy call today and find out how to choose the right recruitment consultancy for you.


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