It has happened! In a year of firsts – and as we approach our one-year anniversary – we have moved into Maru’s first office. 

The move has given me a chance to reflect on how working from home has impacted me and the business.

Home. The word is defined in the dictionary as ‘the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household’.

But, of course, home has become much more than this. It became – and for many still is – our place of work.

Getting a business up and running

While I count myself incredibly lucky to have a safe home and working environment, launching a business from my kitchen has not been the easiest of experiences.

The hours getting a business up and running can be long anyway, but when these are spent in your own home it can feel suffocating. I am sure this has been a recognisable situation for many of you, too.

Doing Zoom calls with my cat preening herself right behind me, or my partner Tom cooking his lunch a metre away, was getting a *little* distracting.

During these times I kept myself sane by knowing that I had to grow to move – and with Lucy joining in May this year, we started to feel the pressure on getting our own ‘work home’.

And, while I knew the day we come – It still felt AMAZING when it arrived!

Impact on mental health

In fact, it has been quite revolutionary how much I have loved the morning rituals of getting everything ready to leave the house, knowing I’m not coming back until much later that day.

I realise the impact on my mental health has been significant. While it is certainly easier to keep on top of the washing pile and save time by not travelling to and from a place of work, for me there is such a need to keep work and home as separate as possible.

I hope wherever your working environment is, you can stay sane and safe, creative, and productive – and that we can move through this next stage in our ever-changing world growing together.

Ps: if you’re reading this and struggling, I can relate and am always happy to talk so PM me If I can’t help, I’m sure I’ll know someone who can. #staysafeandsane 

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