Because your people are your business from the start

What is Inplacement?

  • 14-week bespoke programme for new starters
  • Virtual one-to-ones with a specialist consultant
  • Trusted, safe environment for open discussion
  • Bespoke coaching and learning
  • Weekly objectives to build confidence
  • Access to helpful resources
  • Regular feedback and support for line managers and HR

Throughout the programme...

Welcome to Maru Inplacement.
putting the ‘human being’ in a new job

Through our years of experience in resourcing, this programme has been designed to bring your new starters fully into your world by creating an environment where they can thrive and build resilience through the, often tricky, first few months.

Designed by Maru founder and recruitment expert Hannah Waddington, the 14-week programme ensures your employees are your business from the start, saving you time and giving your peace of mind.

Aligning closely with your company values, aims and vision, Maru Inplacement creates an environment for growth, understanding and connection that brings the employee and the business ever closer together.

Why is this important now ?

People managers are being tasked with defining purpose and culture for their recruitment process to find and encourage the very best talent to join their business.

Mental health, general wellbeing and developing diversity and inclusion strategies are now a major part of best practice and making business better.

With the impact of remote working and loss of in-person connection, it is more important than ever to ensure those new hires settle in quickly and become productive team members.

How can Maru Inplacement
help you?

Our main aim is to ensure the employee thrives in your company by helping them grow in the first few months feeling happy and supported

We believe that all it takes is ‘one tiny action’ (#OTA) after another, and the employee will have built a habit which they can then benefit from for the rest of their career.

We do this using small but achievable objectives in a weekly plan, that helps them:

  • Form a crucial support network
  • Feel confident about the expectations placed upon them
  • Understand their new environment
  • Be in control of their own development
  • Talk about any worries and concerns
  • Career progression

And it also supports the employer by:

  • Improving internal time management of new hires
  • Updating on individual’s progression
  • Understand their new environment
  • Providing advance warning of any concerns
  • Making sure they are on the right track

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