A Southampton company set up in the middle of lockdown, has celebrated its first anniversary of trading. 

Maru Search & Consultancy was founded by Hannah Waddington to change the way recruitment across core leadership areas of business work. 

The firm celebrated its anniversary at The Old Bond Store, where it was initially based, with clients and team members. 

Hannah said: “For a small team, we have achieved a huge amount over the past year with a lively portfolio of growing businesses and new solutions. 

“Launching in lockdown was obviously a huge risk and one that I didn’t take lightly. 

“However, it was clear – and still is – that the jobs market was going to be in a continual state of flux and our offer, to do recruitment differently, really fits with this mindset.” 

Maru is headquartered at Enterprise House in Southampton’s Ocean Village. 

The company focuses on HR, business transformation and IT. During lockdown it also created a unique onboarding system called Inplacement, aimed at helping retain new employees in the crucial first three months. 

Hannah said: “Our offer has been based on creating new ways of working specifically around shared risk and employee retention – two things that in my decade as a recruiter I know are big headaches for anyone using a recruitment agency to support their hiring strategy. 

“While, the present conditions remain in a state of flux, with one of the most unpredictable jobs markets in living history. But this also brings with it huge opportunity – and if we can get through the past 12 I think we can pretty much deal with anything that comes our way.”

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