By Hannah Waddington

Post 2007, the priority for most businesses was cost, compliance and operational efficiencies which resulted in more silos and less collaboration.

This time round, I think we all agree the memo looks a bit different.

Topics such as mental health, values, culture and purpose have stopped being a ‘tick box’ and are now business critical aspects of daily working life.

In line with this, I believe the HRD’s role is in need of a new – or increased – remit to address today’s challenges. At a time of rapid change as we are now in and may be in for the foreseeable future, how HR leads this transformation is significant.

Employees want more from their employers. They seek purpose, value, wellbeing and security. This is not something that can be covered in training, or some big company announcement. Employees need to live and breathe it every day.

Exponential and Agile HR

Deloitte have coined the term ‘Exponential HR’, in their Global Human Capital Trends study. It captures the evolution of the HR function and how it is being called upon to extend its scope, moving the focus from employees to the impact of workplace itself.

In order to make this shift, we need to look at how the HR business is structured and how it can in turn improve internal relationships and alignment with the business.

The adoption of ‘Agile HR’ is a great example of how some businesses are already doing this. If you are not ready to introduce Agile, looking at ways to integrate with the business in order to get a greater understanding of what they need at a human level, is paramount.

Developing this, and many other core business areas, now sit firmly within the HR remit.

From design to communication, restructuring to remuneration, technology to incentive strategies – HR is central to how we recover, which is why the CEO–HR relationship is increasingly key.

Not all heroes wear capes

This is especially important during a recession and we have created Maru HR to ensure that we not only support HR in its quest for excellence, but to help ensure the individuals within this specialist area are supported and advanced in the right way – for the right reasons.

Put simply, we’re counting on your superpowers to get us through the next few years in one piece. So, while not all heroes wear capes, we know who you are and are here to help.

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