by Maru Founder Hannah Waddington

Can someone explain to me why the current pricing model is the way it is for recruitment consultancies?

We charge a percentage of the salary (and sometimes the whole package) of the candidate. Which should imply, the higher the salary, the more skilled the consultant, or the more work goes into the sourcing of the shortlist. This is not the case at all.

Which begs the question – why is it still happening?

Let me give you an example of how crazy the system is by asking you which of these roles you think is easier to fill.  

An HR Director being paid a basic salary of £150,000 with a package equating to £220k?


A Salesforce Developer being paid a basic salary of £55,000 with an average pension (no bonus, no car allowance).  

Most people would choose the HR Director because for the HR Director you would traditionally be paid £45,000 (30%), while for the Salesforce Developer this would come in at 15%, so £8,250 in the bank.

Does this seem right? 

In our opinion, the model is broken, and someone needs to fix it.  

Say hello to Maru.  

This was one of the issues we set out to really change and developed our own unique fixed fee model.

This means we charge you in two instalments:

  1. when the candidate starts
  2. And the rest when your new hire has been in place for three months

It is time recruitment consultancies started listening more and do everything in their power for you to hire right first time, meaning you’re not re-recruiting for the same role over – and over – again.

We are not just invested in you finding the right candidate, we are invested in that candidate being successful and happy in their new job.  

It’s why we are also offering our own bespoke Inplacement service and will soon be launching an additional job description design service 

We think you are paying too much for recruitment services and seeing little value from it.  

It is time for a change. Join us making it happen.  

Want to hear more? Book in a free 30-minute consultation and find out how we can save you £££. Email or call 02382 250011 to speak with one of our team.


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