by Hannah Waddington

It is early 2014 and I’m about to close my first major appointment as a business change and transformation recruiter.

I didn’t know it then, but this was the moment where I would fall in love with the world of recruitment and, ultimately, with business.

If you’d said to me even weeks before that this would be a life changing deal, I would have shrugged, firm in the belief that recruitment was a passing phase. Now, as I sit here writing this seven years on, I am glad it was much more than that.

I understand now that this placement was a kind of alchemy: the perfect equation of placing the right person in the right job at the right time – which always leads to meaningful work.

Since I set up Maru, the world of HR resourcing has been something of a ‘new love’ – at a time when the world of work needs heroes these have been the people who have donned their capes and stepped into the breach of the pandemic.

In addition – and, indeed, to complement – these incredible professionals, I believe now is also the time to invest in those who will create and deliver the much-needed business transformation needed to take recovery forward.

So, I am proud to announce the expansion of Maru to encompass both of these specialisms under one roof. But it’s not only a new name – Maru Search & Consultancy – and a fresh arena in which to operate.

It’s also a fantastic new team member in Lucy Garrett and a unique new specialist product in Inplacement, which we have been telling the world about for the past couple of weeks.

Of course, it’s easy to make things sound … well, easy!

But we all know that a few well-chosen words can often hide a multitude of struggle. Being a startup in these times, even with the incredible backing of Maru investors TIMESTWO, things do not always go to plan.

We do not have the answers to every question, we are not able to solve every puzzle as we would wish.

But that is the great thing about experience. As I found out all those years ago, you just don’t know what the future holds until you try.

Maru means circle in Japanese – and we hope you agree it is time to think in the round! Join us on the journey by calling 023 8225 0011 and find out more about how we can help.






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