On the future of work (and going out there on my own!)

Like so many in my industry, I kind of fell into recruitment. It was never meant to be forever. But I found my home and I’ve never looked back.

I found a deep satisfaction in helping and engaging with interesting people and developing relationships that work and have meaning on both sides. And, like all ventures in life, it’s the things that matter to you as a person that tend to drive you in your professional life too.

Now, as a senior recruitment professional, I’ve realised my passion is centred wholeheartedly in the workplace and shaping the future of work.  

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce (drumroll!) Maru HR.

‘Maru’ is a Japanese word meaning circle and is used in divination, representing perfection or completeness. It is also related to Japanese ship names, meaning ‘a small world of its own’. There is great synergy between this name and Maru HQ, which is in Southampton, one of the homes of UK ship building.

It is hugely exciting to set up in my own right, especially having had the privilege for the past seven years, working with the best in the business at Sanderson, one of the UK’s leading recruitment consultancies.

Today, I find myself also lucky to be doing this with the support of two of the recruitment industry’s most respected entrepreneurs Mike Beesley and Keith Dawe through their TIMESTWO Investments programme. I am also delighted to be setting up the business in the wonderful Old Bond Store in the city of Southampton.

In terms of the service offer, there is undoubtedly a huge need to support HR right now and TIMESTWO is already working to do this through its networking platform The HR World, which will be a key partner to Maru as we grow together.

Leaders in this space are playing such a crucial and dynamic part of not just business but our wider recovery. People are now perceived as the main asset in all businesses and that is how it should be. You can read more about why I’ve launched as well as the vision for the next few months and beyond here.

There is no doubt in my mind that it will be hard in places.

Having worked with entrepreneurs previously I’ve always admired the bravery to step out on their own – sometimes leaving a secure job and all that comes with it. Even with a passion and desire to change the world driving them, I’ve always thought it must be terrifying.

Yet here I am. Doing it. Wish me luck!

You can contact me on Hannah.waddington@maruhr.co.uk

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